Wedding Suits 2.2018

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Are you ready to say I do? With TZIACCO you will be dressed just right to say: Yes, I do. Uniform-like styles are the central segment of the collection - Royal styles come along. It is concentrating on suits and accessories of the style direction BODY LINE as well as on outfits for the best men, guests and friends of the bridal couple.

The label TZIACCO is the New Menswear of festive garments, which is defined by exclusive material developments coupled with innovative stylings and extravagant models. TZIACCO ROYAL is the dominant segment of the collection, which has been developed by the inspiration of historical styles of the former times of Louis XIV. The look is distanced from classy suits and it wins over innovative details such as tucks, contrasting articles, box pleats, stitchings and dividing seams. Besides this refinement these styles are distinguished thanks to their exclusive stand-up-collar and Napoleonic collar variations.

When it comes to the materials it will get exciting: striking designs in brocade look, fanciful structures or stripes that are being superposed by Arabesques motives find their place in this collection.The colors of this collection are as manifold as the choice of styles and fabrics: dominant blue, multifaceted shades of grey as well as black and brown compose the colorful repertoire of the TZIACCO collection.
Indispensable – especially for the wedding look offered in the collection segment ROYAL – are waistcoats with the matching accessories. This way the groom stands out from the wedding guests – stylish and skilfully. For this season around 20 new fabrics for waistcoats have been developed. They join the fabrics for suits that of course also may be used to produce waistcoats. In the range of waistcoats also the colors blue, cream and grey dominate. The new styles of suits and waistcoats are completed by new variations of TZIACCO shirts that are deliverable from stock at short term and that perfectly match the extravagant style of TZIACCO ROYAL as well as the look of the range BODY LINE.

#hochzeitsliebe, so the groom will fashionably be READY TO SAY: YES, I DO.