Royal Looks for Prince Charming 2.2020

ROYAL meets BOHEMIAN in Wedding Suits

Summerly light Royal- and Bohemian-Looks dominate the new TZIACCO-Collection

Besides royal stand-up collar- and shirt collar-jackets for the first time styles with peak or angled lapel made in a soft processing are presented. These classic looks of lapels win over the new part linings inside and the new soft processing of the shoulder part. Exclusive, elastic jacquard fabrics in summer tweed look underline the uniqueness of these Bohemian-looks at any occasion.  

With TZIACCO-ROYAL the groom has the chance to stand out from the crowd on his wedding party - just like the bride. This way he and his future wife are the "stars" on their wedding and the couple takes center stage. For the first time the new TZIACCO collection presents lighter jacquard fabrics, most of them with elastane. This assures additional comfort, the groom has more moving space and feels more comfortable on the nicest day of his life. The slim basic silhouette of the styles with the TZIACCO-typical box pleat in the back give distinction to this new collection. The shorter lenghts of the ROYAL segment of this collection stand in the focal point - also the versions that may be closed on the edge. One of the new TZIACCO styles: a design with a cut stand-up collar of contrasting fabric that runs into a restrained lapel. Remarkable is the second fine piping on the lapel.

The Bohemian styles win over their summerly lightness. These fashionable short, slim jackets offer a part lining inside - permeable to air - and a rear vent.

Contrasting fabrics on the peak lapel, which the customer may choose or creative side pockets and the TZIACCO-typical stand-up collar underline the extravagance of these jackets, that are definitely suitable for everyday use. They are combined with a new, very tight new trouser with little bottom width. After the occassion all the Bohemian garments may perfectly be used in a casual look with blue jeans and shirt. All fabrics of the new collection 2.2020 have exclusively been developed for TZIACCO together with European jacquard weavers. Thanks to the eco certificate an eco-friendly and socially responsible production of the fabrics is confirmed. Furthermore all looks of TZIACCO are produced within the European Union.

The colours nature, camel and blue in different shades dominate the colour range. Different shades of grey are summerly light. Bohemian fabrics close to plain are combined with colourful waistcoat fabrics. In order to bring out the tie a little better a new style of waistcoat with the top button put a little deeper has been created. Besides bowtie and proven neckerchief the tie will experience a renaissance this way.