Royal Wedding Suits for Prince Charming 1.2020

ROYAL Wedding Suits for the grande Entrance

This collection has been inspired by the wish of many men to appear in an extravagant outfit on their own wedding - just like their bride.

The TZIACCO collection 2020 presents for the first time almost exclusively royal looks all around the wedding suit for the groom. Stand-up and Napoleon collars dominate the presentation and it is rounded off by a tasteful short jacket in retro-look. Elegance and a new lightness stand in the center point of the fabrics.

For the first time the new TZIACCO collection 2020 presents solely royal looks. Stand-up- and Napoleon-collars dominate the presentation. A short tail suit in retro look rounds off the offer. Complete elegance and a new lightness of the fabrics stand in the center of this collection.

This collection has been inspired by the demand of many gentlemen to appear on their wedding in an extravagant look – just like their brides. Thanks to the fashion style of TZIACCO-ROYAL the groom has the possibility to stand out from the crowd on his wedding day – just like his future wife. This way he and his bride are also fashionably the “stars” on their wedding.

The successful slim basic silhouette with the TZIACCO-typical box pleats in the back of the jacket has been retained. Additional shorter royal lengths are on offer and on some styles the edges of the front move closer together but are not completely closed. Innovative variations of pipings in contrasting fabrics form the elegant “framing”. Part of the stand-up collars have been designed in a shorter form, this way these royal outfits can also be combined with bowtie.

The large range of fabrics and the innovative design of the different styles are unique. All fabrics exclusively have been developed together with European jacquard weavers. Since all styles may be ordered in any article and any color the customer has the possibility to assemble his own individual outfit. Fine wool yarns in combination with micro polyester woven in a difficult procedure of silk weaving dominate the range of fabrics. In order to produce more comfort a larger percentage of elastane is being used. Qualities close-to-plain win over their elegant mini structure or their fancy look of mélange with a decent shine.

Different shades of blue still take center stage in this collection. The range reaches from classic night blue over trendy „Italian blue“ up to a shade of light grey-blue. Light variations of grey are inwoved with brazen gold in fantasy designs. Anthracite is presented in light/dark shadow nuances. Elegant mocha has its entrance just like a trendy taupe which perfectly matches bridal dresses that mainly come along in off-white shades.

An incomparable palette of colors is on offer for waistcoat- and accessory-designs. Here the general trend towards polychrome is reflected. Up to four different yarn-colors are inwoved to become a sea of blossom. This way every plain suit receives summerlike freshness.