Royal Looks for Prince Charming 1.2021

Royal Boho-Style

TZIACCO – Royal Looks for Prince Charming 1.2021

Brighter and natural-looking fabric designs dominate the new collection TZIACCO ROYAL. It will be available in stores from October 15th, 2020. Proven royal attributes like stand-up collar or jacket collar as well as the elegant box pleats in the back of the jacket remain nice styling elements of the jacket - perfect for any prince charming who wants to take center stage on his own wedding. Core of the new collection is a perfect symbiosis of historic elegance with creative, modern free-spirit fashion. This combination produces a completely new royal Boho-look.  


Lighter, more natural fabric designs dominate the new collection TZIACCO ROYAL. It will be available in the retail from October 15th, 2020. Well-tried royal attributes like stand-up or jacket collars as well as the elegant box pleats in the back of the jackets remain the styling elements of the jackets – perfect for any groom who fashionably wants to stand in the centre point of his wedding. Highlight of the new collection is a perfect symbiosis between historic elegance with new creative, modern fashion of freethinkers. This way the new royal Boho-look is created.

Why a royal Boho-style? This kind of outfit for the groom not only matches the modern styles of the bridal dresses, it also is a fashionable solitaire on the wedding party. Together with his bride the groom will be the “star” of the wedding. If modern princess or Boho-dress – with this creative collection TZIACCO ROYAL assures fashionable equal rights of the groom and lets him “shine” at the side of his bride. Historical samples still are the inspiration for these innovative style- and material developments. Together with European jacquard weavers exclusive fabric designs in finest wool-, silk- and cotton-mixtures are developed. Little weight, a restrained shine and comfortable wearing characteristics as well as design and colour assure for a perfect entrance. Simply a look which makes the groom feel comfortable and that emanates from him.

Did you know that these ROYAL jackets are not buttoned up? This comfortability is of advantage to any freethinker. Additionally the open front edge with the prominent button row underlines the elegant waistcoat underneath. The ROYAL look is framed by creative applications made of contrasting material or inserted straps.

In terms of colour this new ROYAL collection is very diversified: Blue in different shades still dominates the portfolio. Grey in summerly light shades offers a new play of these yarn-coloured qualities. New in this collection are combinations of Barolo/blue and taupe/blue in royal jacquard designs. An elegant shade of lilac in combination with brittle offers a completely new look and assures pure elegance.

Waistcoats to match the ROYAL wedding suits are essential and bring a festive elegance into any look. Colourful waistcoat fabrics presented under suits that are close-to-plain is an intensified trend at TZIACCO ROYAL. Floral patterns and arabesque motives made on silk weaving machines complete the romantic look of these extravagant outfits. The use of finest yarns in up to four different colours achieves to bring high-quality and an interesting play of colours into the wedding fashion.