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TZIACCO - the NEW MENS WEAR of festive garments is a label of WILVORST Herrenmoden GmbH. This collection has mainly been inspired by the desire of many men to wear a unique look on their wedding. TZIACCO ROYAL offers the possibility to fashionably stand out from the rest of the wedding guests. Together with his future wife the groom will be the "star" on his wedding party. 



Box pleats of high quality are distinctive attributes of the ROYAL collection. These so-called box pleats are produced by adapting two folds of the fabric to each other. The overturned fold is sewed to the fabric underneath. At the end of this seam a large pleat is created, it opens to the outside.



High quality sleeves with dividing seams and elegant fancy buttons are put on our ROYAL jackets. Front panel seams are produced on the front of the garments. The panel seams on the back of the jacket is only used for the construction of the box pleat and a slimmer waistline of the jacket. It produces a nice fitting on the body of the wearer.


In the year 2000 WILVORST took over the label TZIACCO into their portfolio.

TZIACCO - the NEW MENS WEAR of festive evening wear belongs to WILVORST Herrenmoden GmbH - already since the year 2000. Under the motto "ENJOY YOURSELF" this young collection moved to Northeim and very quickly it made it's mark as NEW MENS WEAR of festive evening wear. Target group: young, fashion-conscious men. Meantime TZIACCO is well known for their extravagant looks. The groom becomes "prince charming"  and shines in a royal TZIACCO outfit together with his charming bride in front of the altar.