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TZIACCO - the NEW MENS WEAR of festive garments is a label from WILVORST Herrenmoden GmbH. This collection has mainly been inspired by the desire of many men to wear a unique look to their wedding. TZIACCO ROYAL offers the groom the possibility to fashionwise stand out from the wedding guests. Together with his future wife the groom is the "star" at his wedding party. 



Box pleats of high quality are distinctive attributes of the ROYAL collection. 

This is a type of pleat which is formed when two equal folds of fabric are folded away from each other in opposite directions. The folded edges meet in the middle of the fold depth. Both folds are sewn to the underlying fabric along each fold. At the end of this seam, which can be very short but also longer, a deep crease is formed which opens up towards the viewer. A very complex processing stage for wedding suits, which is mastered by a few manufacturers only.



Many wedding suits of the TZIACCO collection feature sleeves with dividing seams as well as elegant decorative buttons. Furthermore princess seams are integrated in some of the styles. But what exactly is a princess seam? A princess seam in the back solely serves as prolongation of the box pleat design in the back as well as additional fitting of the waist in the back panel. This results in a better shape and fit of the wedding suit.


In 2000 WILVORST integrated the label TZIACCO into its portfolio.

TZIACCO - the NEW MENS WEAR of festive evening wear belongs to WILVORST Herrenmoden GmbH - already since the year 2000. Under the motto "ENJOY YOURSELF" this young collection moved to Northeim and very quickly it made its mark as NEW MENSWEAR of festive evening wear. Target group: young, fashion-conscious men. Meanwhile TZIACCO has been well-known for its extravagant looks. Dressed in a royal TZIACCO outfit the groom turns into "prince charming" and beams with joy when he sees the bride walking down the aisle.